Ghost Dogs

A memory of the African Savanna haunted me for years until I knew I had to tell my version of it.

There was a buzz of excitement that morning.  A rare pack of African Wild Dogs had been sighted in the area as we rumbled off into the bush hoping to find them.  At last we did and with hearts pounding, inched closer as they locked eyes on us.  I stood transfixed as I watched their kaleidoscope of dappled fur on stiletto legs, jostling and headbutting like a kinetic sculpture.   Then they gathered to move on, and aching to prolong the moment, we followed them until they disappeared into the mist.

The Ghost Dog sculptures are handmade armatures of tree branches and found materials that include wire, wood, paint, foam rubber and wool sweaters. Each Dog is roughly 25”x 25”.

All Ghost Dog photos by Martin Cox

Link to Ghost Dogs Exhibit Video by EMSARTS


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