I believe there is a part of human nature that longs for what is beautiful and dangerous, and I build structures of animals and people to convey that kind of tension.

In my current work, I contemplate a shift in power where birds represent the weakest members of our society. One by one, they assemble until they gain enough force to turn the tables on an over-privileged human race.

My message is a cautionary tale about strength in numbers and an underdog who wins through superior intelligence.

The pieces are made of wood, wire and material as I build up layers to achieve the gesture of the subject. The last stage of the process involves stitching fabric over the finished form where the stitching itself becomes a type of mark making. As I begin a project, I research scores of pictures to gain an understanding of the subject’s expression and movement. Working with the pictures in front of me, I strive for a sense of believability rather than realism, knowing that new information will lead to discovery.

Photo credits Tony Pinto  

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