When actors talk about the art of simply standing on stage, we know there is great potential in something so simple, but how?

After years of working from live models in the studio, I could see that some of them projected more than others in the way they used the space. Wanting to know more about this virtue, I applied myself to the fundamentals of anatomy so that I could gain a better perspective.

I look at people differently now. I know that what lays beneath the skin gives clues to mood and personality. Figures have become channels.

Where human and animal figures are concerned, much of my influence comes from African art. I see knowledge in such work as I consider how the artist achieves character with a minimum of detail. Some of it seems accidental but I think there’s more to the story. It isn’t formal training that informs what they do, but a life long interest in their subjects. In a world where the predators play for keeps, less is more and they get to the point economically.

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